45 Years an Eastbourne Busman



By Mick Hymans

The South Coast resort of Eastbourne claims the first municipally owned motor bus service in the world, dating from April 1903. Mick Hymans’ career as a bus driver follows in a proud tradition of service to the town and neighbouring areas of East Sussex. Here he describes the years leading up to the end of local authority control and the subsequent transition of ownership to private enterprise. As well as detailing the routes and vehicles on which he operated, the author treats us to a fund of anecdotes about crews and passengers. He also tackles the way in which politicians have tried to influence events. The changing face of the town over four decades is reflected in the many illustrations in this book, which also makes a valuable contribution to social history. 

136 Pages Paperback

ISBN 978-1-85414-420-1

Published by Heathfield Publishing and distributed by Capital Transport