Large Logo Diesels in View


By Gavin Morrison

When the first BR 'pilot scheme' main line diesel locomotives appeared in the late 1950s they were generally painted in traditional Brunswick green. Some classes sported a more imaginative, pleasing two-tone green livery while the Western Region opted for maroon for its 'Warships' and 'Westerns' following a poll among the general public. In 1965 the British Railways Board decided on a new corporate image and adopted Rail blue as the standard colour for its locomotive fleet together with a new double arrow symbol. In 1978 it was agreed that a further change was desirable and selected classes were repainted with a large logo and full wrap round yellow nose ends or cab fronts, the first machine to be treated being Class 56 No.56036. This simple alteration transformed the look of the locomotives and, in spite of all the new colour schemes that have appeared in recent years, for the author at least the large logo livery is one of the best. He illustrates it beautifully in this full colour album.

96 pages Hardback

ISBN 978-1-85414-434-8

Publication March 2019