What's in a London Pub Name?


By James Potts and Sam Cullen

What links a champion bare-knuckle boxer, a pioneering general who inspired the invention of Ordnance Survey maps and a runaway cat? They’ve all given their names to London pubs!
This book covers over 650 pub names across all 32 London boroughs as well as the City of London, revealing the stories of Elizabethan actors, puritanical plotters, Titanic survivors, treasured cuddly toys and many many more...
Each of them contributes to our understanding of London, taking in its political, cultural and social history.
A must have for anyone wanting to learn more about London through the unique medium of one of its most enduring and endearing institutions, pubs. Read this and you’ll never look at your local in the same way again!

136 pages Paperback

ISBN 978-1-85414-471-3